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News Headlines - Drummer Charlie Watts

HEADLINE:  LONDON (AP) Drummer Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones Backbone, dies at 80; By Jill lawless and Gregory Katz August 24, 2021


Quiz: Which meaning does the writer use in this headline?

  1. Spine

  2. The most important and supportive part of an organization or system

  3. Strong character

HEADLINE: NY Times: Charlie Watts, Bedrock Drummer for the Rolling Stones, Dies at 80 – By Gavin Edwards, Aug. 24, 2021

Quiz: Which part of speech - adjective or noun - is bedrock in the headline?    adjective

HEADLINE: The first paragraph of the news article from the NY Times article above states: “Mr. Watts, who had no taste for the life of a pop idol, was an unflashy but essential presence with the band and brought to it a swinging style.”

Note that this headline uses the negative form: Mr. Watts had no taste for the life of a pop idol…

Quiz: Which meaning of “to have no taste for” does the writer of this headline use? To have a strong preference, inclination, or desire to do or acquire something.

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