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Welcome to ESL for Musicians


Why ESL for Musicians?

Hello! I'm Renee ("REE-nee") Patitucci Redmond. I have spent my life in music and language learning. I blend these two areas of expertise with a Master's degree in TESOL to help adult musicians increase their English language skills to complement the depth and excellence of their musical skills.


How did the idea for ESL for Musicians begin? 

Several years ago, I attended a concert at a leading music conservatory in NYC. I was thrilled to hear students from around the globe perform piano and vocal repertoire with musical expertise and interpretive depth.  However, these artists visibly struggled with presenting themselves and the music before performing.  As I watched and listened, I began to ask myself these "what if?" questions:

  • What if these gifted artists could present themselves and their personal connections with the music with more ease, confidence and effectiveness in English?

  • What if they felt secure enough with their English vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation to take the roles of storyteller and educator to engage the audience about the composer and music before performing so gloriously?

My aim is to help make these "what if" questions become a reality in the lives of musicians from all types of genres who wish to increase their English skills to a level that pairs more closely with their advanced musical skills. 


Whether you are an adult student or working professional, I can help you achieve your English language goals. Perhaps you are a music professor who feels your students would benefit from further training in English, especially if the English support at your institution has decreased or ceased. I am here to help. 


Click the "Learn More" button below to find out about my qualifications and experience! 


First, my heartful thanks to Renee. I could study English more effectively with fun. I really enjoyed making some conversations with my classmates. Also, I could memorize unfamiliar vocabularies easily by using these vocabularies frequently in our class.

Eunjin L.

I want to thank you for all the hard work you did for me. I appreciate your work on planning all the focus words, grammar, and vocabulary, and I learned a lot from that. Before starting this course, I was not confident when I was speaking. My intonation lack focus words and emotions, like a waterfall with no sound. Your care and kind really impacted me to become a better English speaker. It was an honor to be your student for this summer, and I truly learned a lot.

Zihan X.

This is actually the first period class I have had with an English-speaking teacher. I was worried and anxious about talking with others in English, but Renee, you made it so easy. Every class is like a relaxing chat and I did learnt a lot from that also. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

ZiAn F.

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I really enjoy having this tutorial with Renee and all of my classmates through the past two months. Those learning methods Renee taught makes my English learning process become so much  more efficient and interesting. Also, I really enjoyed having conversations everyday with Renee and my classmates! Having different topics like daily conversation, news, school policy and useful information made  me looking forward to taking class everyday! Thank you Renee, it was a great learning experience !

Yu Sheng T.

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